Fix High CPU Usage in Fortnite Season OG | Fix Low GPU Usage in Fortnite Season OG


Are you experiencing frustrating performance issues while playing Fortnite Season OG? Whether it's high CPU usage or low GPU performance causing interruptions, we've got your back with a comprehensive set of straightforward fixes. Dive into our step-by-step guide, carefully designed to address these problems. We'll help you fine-tune your system settings and make optimizations to ensure your gaming experience is as smooth as possible. With our easy-to-follow solutions, you'll soon bid farewell to those pesky technical glitches and hello to an optimized, uninterrupted Fortnite Season OG adventure


• Click the Download button and you should be redirected to another site follow the step to be direct to the download link from Google drive, Mega, Media Fire
• Once done downloading, you now need to extract the files using WinRAR – Download Here
• When its extracted, go into the new extracted folder and follow the video tutorial for step by step guide to apply the changes to your game.
• soon as you have Installed and followed the video, Don’t forget to Subscribe and Enjoy!

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