Optimize Gaming Performance: How to Utilize GPU Instead of CPU, Fix Low GPU Usage, and Boost FPS


Unlock the full potential of your gaming rig by learning how to harness the power of your GPU for optimal performance. This guide will walk you through steps to shift the workload from your CPU to your GPU, addressing low GPU usage issues and boosting FPS for a smoother gaming experience.

⚙️ Step 1: Update Graphics Drivers Ensure your GPU drivers are up to date. Visit the official website of your GPU manufacturer (NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel) and download the latest drivers for your specific model.

⚙️ Step 2: Optimize In-Game Settings Adjust in-game settings to prioritize GPU performance. Increase graphics settings that directly impact the GPU, such as texture quality, resolution, and anti-aliasing. Experiment to find the balance between visual quality and performance.

⚙️ Step 3: Monitor GPU Usage Use monitoring tools like MSI Afterburner or GPU-Z to keep track of your GPU usage while gaming. Low GPU usage may indicate a bottleneck elsewhere in your system.

⚙️ Step 4: Check Power Settings Ensure your GPU is operating at its maximum potential by adjusting power settings. In your GPU control panel, set the power management mode to "Prefer Maximum Performance."

⚙️ Step 5: Disable Integrated Graphics (if applicable) If you have integrated graphics on your CPU, disable them in the BIOS. This ensures that your system relies solely on the dedicated GPU for gaming tasks.

⚙️ Step 6: Adjust CPU Priority Give your games higher CPU priority in the Task Manager. Right-click on the game's process, go to "Go to details," and set the priority to "High" to allocate more resources to the game.


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